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A roof should never be pressure washed.  Please do not let anyone talk you into using any type of pressure washing device regardless of how many times they repeat the word “low pressure”.  There are companies that use an unassuming device on the roof that looks like a floor buffer.  What you never see in their videos or on their websites is that the machine they use is hooked up to a long hose that runs to a truck that contains a pressure washer.  Low pressure is what you get from a garden spigot, not a pressure washer.

Thompson Roof Cleaning using a non-pressure manufacturer approved method that kills algae and moss on contact.  Black algae staining disappears immediately with our process and achieves a 100% kill ration on the algae.  Complete sterilization is the key to keeping the roof stain free for an extended period of time.

Roof Moss Cleaning

Moss dies instantly with the treatment but can take several weeks to wash away with rain.  The only way to remove moss instantly is toothier scrub or pressure wash the shingle which will dislodge many of the roofing granules and shorten the life of the roof.  Roof Shampoo is a franchise that uses one of these tools that is hooked up to a gas powered pressure washer.  Roof Shampoo will offer to clean out your gutters after their roof cleaning.  They disguise this gutter cleaning as a courtesy but in fact they are removing all of the dislodged roofing granules from your gutter so you cannot see all of the aggregate they washed away from your roof.  Any type of pressure washing method is not endorsed by the roof manufacturer and can potentially void any remaining warranty of your shingle.

Thompson Roof Cleaning has served NJ since 1996 for exterior soft washing services for roofing shingles.  We never use a pressure washer to clean a roof.  We clean all types of residential roofs like asphalt shingle, cedar and slate roofs.  We also clean commercial roofs like rubber roofs and EPDM rubber roofing.  We approach roof cleaning more like a “pest control” job.  We want to kill the mold and algae that are creating the stains on the roof.  Roof mold and algae is contagious and can spread throughout the roof.  This is why it’s important to achieve as near to 100% sterilization as possible.

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Results Without Using A Pressure Washer! 

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Some companies will offer to pressure wash the roof.  Others will offer “Earth Friendly” products.  Let’s explore why these two processes won’t work:  Pressure washing tears at the shingle.  It can dislodge large amounts of roofing granules and has no sterilizing properties.  Pressure doesn’t sterilize.   Similar to cleaning a kitchen counter, if you want to clean and disinfect a kitchen counter you use a cleaning product that kills mold and bacteria.  Clorox Cleanup is an option and so are products that contain ammonia.  Either one of these products has anti-microbial properties and would work just fine.  If you wanted to sterilize your kitchen counter you certainly wouldn’t pressure wash it.

Earth Friendly detergents also do not work.  There is no Earth friendly solution to roof mold.  If you want to be Earth friendly than leave the mold be and stop trying to disturb it from your roof.  And lets be frank, Earth friendly is a marketing term.  It makes people feel good.  If you want the mold gone for good than use our service.  Our products are not mold friendly.  We are so confident we offer a 5 Year Spot-Free Warranty with every full roof treatment.

th_skylights031_EditedSo what’s in the soap?  We’re glad you asked.  The main sterilizing ingredient in our detergent is sodium hypochlorite.  This is the same product used to treat algae in swimming pools.  It is also used in gym saunas and whirlpools.  It is also the same product added to our tap water to keep it sterile and free of parasites.  Sodium hypochlorite is safe yet very effective when used properly.  It is the cleaning product of choice for many institutions like schools and hospitals.

While cleaning a roof all landscape surrounding a property is covered and/or thoroughly rinsed during a roof cleaning.  We bag all of the gutter leaders to collect any of the run off.  If the leaders go under ground they are kept thoroughly rinsed.  The run off for the treatment is minimal.   The roof detergent is sticky.  It’s designed to stick to the shingle to minimize run off.  Once the detergent dies it becomes inert.  Once the detergent breaks down it turns to a soapy salt water.

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Cedar Roof Cleaning

Cedar is a wonderful choice for a roof.  It is a bit more expensive but can last twice as long than an asphalt shingle roof.  Cedar roofs are never walked on during a treatment.  Cedar roofs are cleaned by applying a mild detergent that kills black mold and mildew.  After a short dwell period it is rinsed and neutralized.  We do not use a pressure washer to clean cedar roofing shingles.  We do not walk on cedar shakes to clean.

Slate Roof Cleaning

Slate roofs require a slightly stronger solution.  We add a bit more surfactant so it clings to the slate shingle.  Slate roofs are never walked on during a treatment.  Slate roofs are very gratifying and clean up very nicely.

If you live in Randolph New Jersey and need a roof cleaning please feel free to call us to discuss further.

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